Kristian Stanfill - We Need People

November 03, 2022 - 480 views

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Lyrics: Here’s to the ones that you can laugh with The same ones you ugly cry with Here’s to the ones you go to war with And go to war for Here’s to the ones that know your secrets But they don’t see you any different Here’s to the ones that just sit and listen And don’t try to fix it The highs are a little bit higher The lows make a little more sense When you got someone in your corner That you know you can live it with Life is complicated and our pride says We can make it on our own But the truth is simple, we need people Here’s to the roots that sorrow deepens And the bloom that joy has opened Here’s to the years of steady walking And the miles that are coming It’s not always easy It’s gonna get messy It’s hard but I’m learning It’s necessary If you want to grow then You can’t go it alone friend You got to open the door and Let someone in You gotta let someone in Music video by Kristian Stanfill performing We Need People (Live in Atlanta, GA, 2022). sixstepsrecords/Sparrow Records; © 2022 Capitol CMG, Inc.


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