Faith On Film- Chason Laing

February 10, 2023 - 1044 views

Award winning filmmaker Chason Laing talks about his latest project, a series on Pureflix, GUARDIANS. He also shares about how he and his wife have home shooled their 6 children. Chason Laing is a filmmaker and owner of Hello Coco Agency where he produces creative content for businesses. Cason has worked in film for 20 years and has won over 30 awards with content streaming on Amazon, Tubi, PureFlix, and many others. He loves telling stories and the process of creating them. Chason is the first graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary to turn in a screenplay along with his dissertation. He is married with six kids and coaches three top soccer teams. He loves snowboarding and his OneWheel and every now and then gets to dabble with acting. Faith On Film is an entertainment show with the purpose of keeping the viewer informed on what is happening in the world of Faith and Family entertainment. Hosted by Isaac Hernandez and Holly McClure, Faith On Film brings you interviews with Actors, Producers, Directors, writers and people working in the Faith and Family entertainment industry.


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