He Was Riding His Scooter for Miles to Work Until Students Surprise the Teacher with a Car

March 23, 2023 - 470 views

In this heartwarming video, students surprise their teacher with a car. And their awesome act of kindness is restoring my faith in the younger generation!

Often teachers are some of the kindest, most dedicated people most will ever encounter. One group of students saw a need and decided to help and give back to an educator who gives of himself daily.

"He gets up at 4:15 in the morning," Daphna said, the mother of one of Julio's students. "Takes a scooter to the bus, sits on a bus for two hours to get into the city, goes on that same scooter to come to campus several miles. Works during lunchtime to help the kids, stays after school to help the kids and does the same reverse commute."

Julio does not get home until 9:30 at night, long after his girlfriend's children, to whom he has become a father figure, have already gone to bed. He does this every single day!

The students organized different events throughout their summer break to raise money to buy a car for their teacher. They put together a basketball tournament, had a movie night and asked businesses in their area for financial assistance.

The students had a goal of $10,000 and ended up raising more than $11,00! Also, the CEO of the Change Reaction stated his organization would match the students’ $10,000!

After securing the money, the students went car shopping, but they came up a little short of the funds for the vehicle they felt was "the one." But thanks to the car dealership’s generosity, they did buy the vehicle.Julio would get his much-needed vehicle!

The next step was setting up an elaborate plan that involved school administrators and a police officer to surprise Julio and his family with the new ride.

He also received a few added bonuses that will change Julio and his family's life!


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